FORM OF BEQUEST If you have already made a will, your solicitor can add a section, a codicil, based on the following words:- I give___________ to the Animals at Risk Shelter, and declare that the receipt of one of the trustees or other proper officer, for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.
To save the life of one animal won't change the world but it will change the world for that animal.
The   caller   said,   I'm   a   welfare   officer   from   the probation   service,   in   our   hostel   where   there   are no   animals   allowed,   we   have   gone   into   a   17   year old   lad's   room   and   found   he   has   acquired   a   kitten, we've no idea what to do with it. When    the    officer    arrived,    we    estimated    the kitten's   age   to   be   about   4   weeks,   too   young   to   be away   from   her   Mum;   we   mentioned   to   the   officer there   must   be   a   Mum   and   probably   more   kittens somewhere   and   asked   if   we   could   possibly   have   a word   with   the   lad   to   ask   where   he   got   the   kitten. She   was   reluctant   to   oblige   quoting   under   the data   protection   act;   we   are   not   allowed   to   give out    personal    details,    again    more    defenceless animals lost to the four winds. Cuddlebum    has    grown    into    the    smallest    but perfectly    formed    kitten,    with    tons    of    energy; unfortunately    she    has    one    painful    habit,    by running   up   your   legs,   your   back   and   onto   your shoulder,   mutilating   your   back   with   scratches,   just so that she could get closer to you.
We   didn't   think   anyone   would   be   soft   enough   to   take   on   a   kitten   with   this   painful   habit   but   the situation   changed   when   a   lovely   young   family   who   already   had   a   cat   visited   the   Shelter,   you   could see   their   children   were   brought   up   to   handle   animals   with   respect   and   kindness.   Subject   to   a home   visit,   we   agreed   when   they   asked   if   they   could   adopt   Cuddlebum,   she   now   spends   most   of her   time   playing   with   the   children   and   she   has   stopped   her   painful   game   of   running   up   people's backs. We   have   many   happy   memories   of   countless   of   our   supporters   who   unfortunately   are   no   longer with   us,   George   Baker   a   lovely   man,   who   thought   the   world   of   his   cat,   we   named   this   little   black kitten,   Cuddlebum,   after   his   cat,   while   she   lived   at   the   Shelter,   in   her   new   home   she   is   called Misty.