Hilda's story tells the importance of micro-chipping your companion animals; it's the best way if your animal is lost, to get them back. But, don't forget you must register the animal and micro-chip details with the micro-chip company, also you must keep a record of the micro-chip number, in case your animal is lost, you can inform local vets and rescue
Hilda   was   abandoned   on   the   steps   of   Daives   Veterinary   Specialists   in   Higham   Gobion,   They   couldn't home   her   because   of   her   unpredictable   behaviour,   and   they   asked   if   we   could   possibly   take   her   off their   hands?   We   had   Hilda   spayed   and   micro-chipped;   she   was   never   unfriendly   to   any   of   the   resident cats,   though   she   would   lash   out   at   members   of   the   staff.   Hilda   was   never   reprimanded   as   it   was obvious   to   us   that   she   hadn't   been   handled   and   treated   with   the   kindness   and   respect   she   deserved   as a    kitten.    We    also    found    Hilda    unsuitable    for homing   because   of   her   behaviour;   we   were   more than   happy   for   Hilda   to   live   alongside   us   at   the Shelter. The   angled   wire   barriers   on   top   of   the   2   metre fence    wasn't    a    deterrent    to    Hilda,    mainly    at weekends   to   get   away   from   the   Shelter's   visitors, she   would   clamber   up   the   apple   tree   and   leg   it over   the   wire   barrier,   returning   home   normally   on a Monday when things had quietened down. When   she   never   returned   as   usual   one   Monday, we   were   concerned   until   we   had   a   call   from   a veterinary   practise   in   Bedford   saying   we   have   a cat    here    with    your    micro-chip    number,    we checked   our   records,   lo   and   behold,   it   was   Hilda, goodness   knows   how   she   travelled   20   miles   in such a short time. For   a   while   Hilda   behaved   herself,   soon   she   was back   to   her   old   disappearing   tricks,   we   received   a call   from   a   lady   saying   most   weekends   I'm   visited by   a   little   black   and   white   cat,   I   have   taken   her   to the   vets   to   check   if   she   was   chipped   and   she was,   they've   informed   me   she   belongs   to   your Shelter,   I   get   so   lonely   and   she   is   such   good company,   is   there   any   possibility   I   could   keep   her. We   did   a   home   check,   the   home   that   Hilda   had found   by   herself   was   perfect   and   we   were   more than   happy   to   leave   Hilda   where   she   was,   tucking her feet under the dear ladies table.