DENNIS AND SOPHIE Dennis   and   Sophie,   our   beautiful   Bengal   cats,   Dennis   as   a   kitten   was   always   mischievous, while   his   sister   Sophie   was   more   laid   back.   Dennis   the   older   he   gets   the   more   uncontrollable he   becomes,   he   has   visitors   come   to   the   Shelter   just   to   make   a   fuss   of   him   .Dennis   has mutilated      visitors      shoes, laces,    smart    phones    have been      chewed      and      the screens      cracked,      ladies handbags    which    were    left un-attended,      have      their contents     pulled     out     and scattered. We   can   hear   the   clatter   of saucepans,    bowls,    dishes, and   other   pieces   of   kitchen equipment   being   pulled   out from            our            kitchen cupboards,         in         other cupboards,    bags    of    flour, boxes    of    cornflakes,    icing sugar,    dried    lentils,    have    their    packets ripped     open,     you     can't     imagine     the resulting   mess.   From   the   animal   kitchen cupboards,   neatly   folded   blankets   have been     dragged     out     across     the     floor. We’ve   tried   tying   the   cupboard   handles together   but   he   soon   worked   that   one out   if   you   don't   believe   that   an   animal can   do   all   this   havoc,   the   proof   is   in   the photos. When   Dennis   is   naughty,   we   call   him   a little   bugger   and   tell   him   we'll   shake   him by   his   whiskers,   if   he   doesn't   behave   but he    is    so    gorgeous    and    lovable,    who could be annoyed with him for long.
Our thanks…  to those who deliver cat food to the Shelter or leave it at our front door, those who save all their loose coins, those who do a standing order, those who knit/crochet colourful blankets and those who give us their moral support, your efforts make a real difference to the creatures that come into the care of the Shelter.