BRUNO We   received   a   call   from   our   friends,   Carlo,   Gary   and   Auntie   Pat,   telling   us   about   an   extremely friendly   cat   that   had   turned   up   in   their   garden,   this   cat   had   put   its   left   front   leg   through   his   collar, causing   the   collar   to   rub   away   the   fur   and   skin   down   to   his   flesh,   we   have   seen   many   cats   die   from this   injury,   as   the   collar   eventually   penetrates   the   lung.   Carlo   and   Gary   hadn't   the   stomach   to   cope with   this   gruesome   and   unsightly   injury,   but   they   desperately   wanted   to   give   the   cat   a   home   with the   other   two   cats   they   previously   adopted   from   the   Shelter,   we   knew   what   was   coming,   they   were going   to   ask   us   to   take   in   the   cat,   which   wasn't   a   problem   to   us.   Firstly,   they   took   the   cat   to   Hannah our   vet   at   Heath   and   Reach   for   treatment,   while   under   anaesthetic   for   his   injury,   he   was   also castrated,   afterwards,   the   lads   brought   Bruno,   as   they   named   him,   to   the   Shelter   to   continue   his treatment   and   medication.   Bruno   was   unbelievably   placid,   without   a   murmur   or   any   aggression   he allowed   us   to   treat   his   very   painful   wound.   Bruno   through   no   fault   of   his   own,   had   become   a   stray, with   his   injury   he   was   unable   to   groom   himself,   he   was   a   large   dirty   un-kept,   un-castrated   smelly tom,   his   luck   changed   when   he   turned   up   in   Carlo   and   Gary's   garden   who   are   kind   and   gentle   and wanted   to   give   him   a   home   and   take   care   of   him,   Bruno   tugged   at   our   heartstrings,   we   would   have loved   to   have   kept   him,   but   it   was   only   right   that   he   went   back   to   the   lads   and   Auntie   Pat,   the   lads also picked up the vet bill and more than paid for his keep at the Shelter.