GEORGE We   took   a   call   from   a   lady   who   said   she   had taken    a    little    black    kitten    from    a    person    in Romford,   we   couldn't   understand   half   of   what she   was   saying   as   she   was   crying   and   gabbling so   much,   we   got   part   of   her   story,   that   she   was asking,   if   we   could   take   the   kitten.   When   the woman   arrived   she   told   us   the   full   story,   that she   lives   in   Waltham   Abbey   and   had   seen   an advert   in   the   paper   for   a   second   hand   table   for sale   in   Romford,   when   she   got   there   the   people who     were     selling     the     table,     weren't     the sharpest   tools   in   the   box,   she   forgot   about   the table   when   she   saw   a   terrified   kitten   huddling in   the   corner,   she   asked   could   she   have   the kitten,   they   told   her   the   kitten   was   for   sale.   She also   asked   was   there   a   mum   and   more   kittens, they   said   no,   she   changed   her   mind   about   the table and bought the kitten instead.    She   took   the   kitten   to   her   vet   for   a   check   up, she   mentioned   to   him   she   wouldn't   be   able   to keep   the   kitten   as   her   old   cat   refused   to   accept it,   she   was   surprised   when   the   vet   said,   I   know it's   a   long   trip   but   I   recommend   you   take   this kitten    to    Animals    at    Risk    Shelter    in    Luton, where   it   will   be   in   excellent   hands.   She   was   still upset   when   she   arrived,   we   showed   her   around   our   facilities   and   reassured   her   that   the   kitten   would   be well   taken   care   of   and   she   eventually   calmed   down.   When   she   was   leaving,   she   said   I   went   to   buy   a table   and   came   away   buying   a   kitten   but   at   least   they   both   have   four   legs,   we   laughed   as   the   lady   had regained   her   sense   of   humour.   After   being   castrated   and   micro-chipped,   George,   being   feral,   has   joined the   group   of   young   playful   feral   cats   we   have   at   the   Shelter   and   this   is   where   he   will   remain   for   the   rest of his life.