We   reopened   our   Shelter   after   we   knew   that   the   virus   was   well   and   truly   burnt   out,   ending our self imposed quarantine period of 10 weeks. For   the   number   of   animals   we   are   requested   to   take   in   and   others   we   have   rescued,   our Shelter   is   no   way   large   enough.   We   often   wished   if   only   we   had   more   land,   we   could   take   in more   animals.   An   opportunity   arose   when   our   next   door   neighbour   told   us   that   they   were selling   up   and   moving   to   Devon.   Not   knowing   what   sort   of   neighbours   we   could   get,   we would   be   foolish   to   pass   up   this   opportunity   of   buying   the   neighbouring   property   that   has   a large   garden   and   would   double   the   size   of   the   Shelter   by   removing   the   current   boundary fence.   We   met   with   our   solicitor,   to   suggest   our   plans   of   buying   the   property   next   door,   he agreed   it   was   a   good   move   for   the   charity,   since   then   we   have   had   more   meetings   with   him making   sure   everything   was   legal   and   above   board.   Alongside   part   of   the   charities   funds   and a   small   mortgage,   the   charity   has   borrowed   part   of   our   personal   money,   the   borrowed   money will   be   paid   back,   as   and   when   the   charity   can   afford   it,   our   loan   is   interest   free.   If   we   die before   our   loan   is   paid   back,   the   loan   goes   into   the   melting   pot,   along   with   our   property   and everything   else   we   own,   which   we   have   left   in   trust   to   the   Animals   at   Risk   Shelter   charity. The   neighbouring   property   is   registered   at   the   land   registry   office   in   the   name   of   Animals   at Risk Shelter charity. There   is   a   huge   amount   of   work   to   be   done,   such   as   164ft   of   old   'make   do'   fence   panels   to remove   before   new   2   metre   security   fencing   is   erected,   old   dilapidated   sheds   filled   with rubbish,   mountains   of   brick   rubble   to   be   cleared,   an   Aga   cooker,   old   sinks,   old   plastic containers   and   general   rubbish   to   remove,   it   will   take   a   few   skips   to   clear   the   land.   The bungalow,   is   in   a   state   and   needs   a   complete   makeover,   we   will   do   part   of   the   work   ourselves to   keep   refurbishment   costs   down,   but   at   this   present   time   we   have   to   concentrate   on clearing   the   land,   for   new   pens   and   erecting   the   security   fencing,   one   thing   for   sure   we   will have   to   do   more   fundraising.   We   can   only   hope   that   the   decision   we   have   taken,   our supporters   will   agree   with   us,   as   we   have   always   said   the   Shelter   not   only   belongs   to   us   but to our loyal supporters as well.
Pete & Maggie