Dear Supporters , We   have   had   many   enquiries   from   our   supporters   asking   why   they   hadn't   received   our   annual newsletter   for   2015,   they   were   concerned   that   we   had   ceased   doing   our   animal   rescue   work, (while   we   are   alive   that   will   never   happen).   We   had   started   to   write   the   newsletter   but   due   to pressure   of   work   and   the   large   number   of   animals   coming   into   the   Shelter,   we   couldn't   do both, so we're afraid the newsletter was put to one side. There's   always   a   chance   in   all   animal   rescue   shelters   of   bringing   in   an   undetected   virus   and that's   exactly   what   happened   to   us.   We   had   2   lovely   young   stray   cats   that   came   in   from   the notorious   Bury   Park   area   of   Luton,   they   were   given   the   usual   health   check,   neutered   and micro-chipped,   and   after   a   few   days   they   were   ready   for   homing.   We   were   shocked   when   we found   one   dead   and   the   other   died   at   our   vets   a   few   hours   later.   We   had   swabs   and   samples taken   from   both   cats   and   we   sent   them   to   specialist   laboratories   also   to   the   Royal   Veterinary College   at   Potters   Bar   for   analysis,   when   the   results   came   back   it   confirmed   that   both   cats had died from a virus. These   cats   showed   no   signs   of   illness   before   they   died   and   there   was   no   reason   why   we should   have   kept   them   in   isolation,   as   a   result   we   lost   many   of   our   dear   cats   as   the   virus   had spread   through   the   Shelter.   We   had   our   suspicions   on   what   the   result   of   the   tests   could   be and   we   had   already   voluntarily   closed   our   Shelter   to   visitors,   before   we   received   the   test results   from   the   specialists.   Our   supporters   as   always   were   there,   to   help   us   through   this   very traumatic   time   by   sending   goodwill   messages,   visitors   who   couldn't   come   into   the   Shelter   left donations   of   food   on   our   doorstep,   also   we   were   given   financial   donations   to   help   with   our hefty vet bills, and we give our grateful thanks to everyone for their support.